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Agility Supporting Modules

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The ‘Sum of the Parts’

The Agility System combines the key elements of Process, Documents, Risk & Compliance and by designing an intuitive, graphical interface, information can be distributed across the enterprise. Developed to operate individually, they interlink between modules to provide a seamless integrated framework that manages business functions efficiently and comprehensively.

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The Agility System

The Core components of Agility are as follows:

  • Document Management  
  • Process Management – Visual Maps with Integrated Risk
  • Automated Process Workflow
  • Compliance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Management of Change

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Agility – Supporting Modules

Agility is now offered with many additional modules, as follows:

  • Audit / Non-conformance & Corrective / Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Incident Management controlling Incident/Accident/Near Miss Reporting, Investigation & Action Tracking
  • Training & Competency Management
  • Supplier & Customer Management
  • Asset Management
  • Workplace RAMS (HAZOPS)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Activity & Action Management
  • Reporting , KPI Dashboards
  • Developing Automated Workflow ( with No Coding)

Incident Management

The Agility Systems Incident Management module provides complete visibility and reporting ability for all incidents, accidents and near misses that occur across the organisation.

Notifications on reported incidents are generated automatically by e mail or text to relevant personnel. However should there be factors that you wish to address, the module can be configured accordingly.

The module is designed to support the investigative process that follows an incident, claims management and on-going analysis of incidents and frequency rates.

The reporting feature identifies trends and proactively mitigates against re-occurrences.

Access Everywhere – Perform audits in remote locations using the mobile app allowing the share of information from any device anywhere, once connected back into the network.


  • Effective accident and incident management reports to reduce incidents costs, claims and disruption
  • Reduce costs of information gathering using mobile technology
  • Report incident/accident/near miss via an automated process guiding  users through each stage
  • Evaluate and compare incident data
  • Improve action tracking and incident prevention
  • Deliver instant and automatic reporting via mobile apps ( tablets & smart phones)
  • Receive instant information of organisation wide incidents via tailored dashboards

Supplier and Customer Management


  • Workflow automation increases efficiency and reduces auditors costs
  • Mobile Apps increases flexibility & reaches parts others leave!
  • Increased accuracy of audit reports and management information
  • The audit process is easier to control and manage
  • Become more effective in the management of findings
  • Stronger management of compliance with standards
  • Improved quality control

Provide your Suppliers and Customers with a comprehensive, highly transparent, collaborative system that drives performance.

Providing immediate access to supplier and customer information allowing you make decisions based on real-time data.

Proactively engage suppliers for non-conformance to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. Effectively track vendor performance and supplier relationship management over time to evaluate and compare vendors to decide who to award additional business, while proactively minimizing the risk of financial, geographic, political, and operational disruptions.

Stop making decisions based on anecdotal information and shift to a rational decision-making process based on real-time data using supplier management software.

Management of Change


The Agility System employs an automated process to standardize the Management of Change related to Process, Plant, People and Systems.

Process Driven Change

The module guides the user through the key stages of the process from initial Request for Change, through to Stakeholder Review and Implementation.


Change follows a repeatable Process Each Request for Change is individually secure, captures the reasons for Change, records each disciplines comments, identifies Risks and concerns and manages individual actions through to completion.

The completed file is stored for posterity within the Records Management section of the Document Management System and cannot be re-opened once the Change has been accepted and the file closed.


Full Auditability

Identify the processes, roles, people and documents that will be impacted by the change.

Control the end to end Process by capturing expected duration, allocate coordinators, owners and reviewers and set target close out dates.

Raise actions and assign owners and reviewers for each action and track the progress/status of changes across the organisation in a coordinated manner.

Centralised control of all activities related to Management of Change will reduce confusion of a fragmented approach while realising the efficiency of adopting a common process, across the organisation.

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“It’s a fact, we help organisations transform from the traditional format of text documents & flat Visio maps into a Business Management System that provides digitised Process to improve Operational Performance & maintain Compliance.  

All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.”

Peter Shields,  MD

Agility Supporting Modules April 21, 2017

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