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The Swim Lane Diagram for Process Improvement: Key Benefits

Swim lane Process mapping, Image of keyboard with
You have business processes in place. You know they exist, else you would get little done. But you want to get a higher level understanding of your processes. You may wonder if your process are as smooth as they can be, as efficient as they can be and if theyRead more

Managing Resistance to Change: Delivering an Integrated Management System to your Workforce

Integrated Management System

As the ISO standards for QHSE will eventually be structured in a similar way (Annex SL) and are to be process-based,  this is an excellent opportunity for organisations to simplify the complexity of managing  multiple standards by creating a process based integrated management system. While this idea is practical, realistic

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Agility Workflow – April 2016

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ExcelPoint who specialise in automated workflow and have clients in industries such as Healthcare, Water Treatment and Utilities. We are currently integrating their BPM engine into the Agility System and have been hugely impressed by the increase in functionality available. Agility AutomatedRead more

Management Systems: Forget Back to the Future, it’s Back to the Past!

It was 30 years ago last week (21st October 1985 to be exact) that in the movie Back to the Future, Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travelled forward in time to the 21st October 2015 to prevent Marty McFly's future son from being imprisoned. If you accompanied Doc in hisRead more

Agility Systems – Integrated QHSE Management Systems and Standards

iso changes, graphic displaying iso standards revolving around integrated management system icon
Integrated QHSE Management Systems and Standards Most companies nowadays have some sort of Management System; the most common of which will probably be a Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. You may also have a Health and Safety System to ensure compliance with legislation and OHSASRead more

Staff Cutbacks Can Impact Your Business Processes & Increase Your Risks

We have all read about the ongoing cutbacks over the past months; with the most notable cutback being staffing levels.  These volatile situations put pressure on organisations and their management to perform more profitably. Many organisations have cut back on contractors and staff levels by up to 10% or even more. Read more

Agility – The Engine at the Heart of Operational Excellence

Definition of Operational Excellence Operational Excellence is defined as the effective management of operations, process safety, personal health & safety, asset integrity, plant reliability and costs in a manner commensurate with achieving and maintaining world-class performance on a sustainable basis. Key Elements in the Drive for Operational Excellence The frameworkRead more

Integrated Management Can Simplify The Complex

The volumes of procedures produced for QHSE, together with other disciplines, (Production, Operations, Asset Management, Finance, Supply Chain, etc) has grown exponentially over recent years as compliance requirements increase. To combat the overload of text-based documents, we designed a process-driven software system that simplifies the complexity of traditional procedures toRead more

ISO 14001: 2015 – The Changes and How They Affect You

iso 14001 logo

  I am quite sure that you have heard that ISO 14001 has an updated version, available now.  So after 11 years (yes it’s been that long!) of getting used to the present requirements it’s all change again. As I said in a previous blog most of us don’t like

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ISO 9001: 2015 – Don’t panic it’s not as bad as you thought!

I am quite sure that you have heard that ISO 9001 has an updated version, available now.  So after 7 years of getting used to the present requirements it’s all change again. Most of us don’t like change so I am sure many people will be asking lots of questionsRead more
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