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Nuclear Industry

nuclear Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry

Simplifying the Complex – Controlling Process, Risk and Compliance

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While nuclear can reduce carbon emissions, much of the current electricity generation capacity will close by 2030, including a substantial amount of the UK’s nuclear sites, however there is a new generation of Nuclear New Builds planned to replace much of the current electricity generation capacity. 



With 60% of the value of contracts being awarded to UK companies, from top-tier suppliers to specialist SMEs for this new generation of nuclear power station, the supply chain will have to ensure that not only are their technical capabilities are up to the standard required, but also the Management System needs to be at the highest level.

Highly Visual Compliance

In order to demonstrate Compliance at every level within the Management System, The Agility System provides highly visual guidance on how each industry standard and regulation is complied with by the organisation.

Creating Transparency

This approach simplifies the auditing function to both the discipline managers and auditors.

Creating Maximum Awareness

Agility highlights the compliance obligations that each discipline must be aware of within their respective processes in their individual roles and responsibilities.

Reducing Complex Regulations and Standards

Complex compliance requirements are simplified through the use of Agility’s Compliance Navigator; this highly visual and practical matrix reduces the hassle factor of managing multiple Compliance requirements significantly.


peter-2 Nuclear Industry

“It’s a fact, we help organisations transform from the traditional format of text documents & flat Visio maps into a Business Management System that provides digitised Process to improve Operational Performance & maintain Compliance.  

All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.”

Peter Shields,  MD

Nuclear Industry April 23, 2017

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